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Career Advice

Two people siting and talking facing each other

Career advice #1

We all want to have the best career possible withing our working life. However, it is not always so simple to find the perfect career. Changing jobs or starting a new career can sometimes feel like a very daunting task. But with enough research on your side it does not have to be. All it takes really is some research. Well actually a lot of research on your side to get the ball rolling towards your dream job.

Career advice #2 

Consider your life long interests. What are they? What gives you the most enjoyment? Remember, a career in a sector you love does not necessarily have to feel like a weight on top of you. If you have always loved surfing then why not become a surfing coach?

Whilst skills are very important it is widely regarded that anyone within the Tourism Sector who has a strong positive attitude and a naturally pleasant disposition will do very well indeed. It really is very simple for people to train and upskill. As long as the positive attitude is there. And if you really want to work within the sector. Personality always shines through and a willingness to work hard and show your dedication and loyalty.

Career advice #3 

There are so many courses available now for all sectors and a lot of these would be flexible in terms or full/part time/evening courses.

It is important that you take a good strong deep look into yourself and determine what is important to you. What are your core values? For example, is integrity and trust really important to you? Because if it is you should be working for a likewise employer. Glassdoor is always a good online tool which will give reviews about employers. Also, use your own personal network such as people you know to ask about potential employers and the reputation they have within the industry.

Headphones next to scrabble tiles writing out tips and tricks

Career advice #4

If you have the financial means then perhaps complete a psychometric test for yourself and evaluate the results to see exactly who you are and where you can improve. Remember that old Latin phrase “Ancora Imparo”, well there is truth in it as we are all still learning.

Career advice #5

There are plenty of qualified life coaches in the market place today who you might also gain some valuable insight from. You might not know what the best career is for you even though it might be staring you right in the face. Sometimes it takes another person to point out to us what we already knew.