If you’re contemplating where to go in Ireland, wow do we have ideas.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve lived your whole life in Ireland, recently relocated or just considering moving to or visiting Ireland. Ellie and her partner Carl from Tough Soles will definitely show you new sides of Ireland you’ve never seen before. Herself and Carl have walked 4,000km around Ireland along every National Waymarked Trail.

We asked Ellie to do a little intro about her blog and YouTube Channel and to tell you her ideas on where to go in Ireland. Especially if you’re a fan of hiking and walking in general.

She graciously made this short and sweet video hinting at the hidden gems of Ireland’s provinces. Her channel is perfect if you’re looking for inspiration or travel advice. Also, these waymarked trails are a great way to more about the heritage aspect of Ireland.

Best hikes in Ireland?

If you want to see hikes in Cork or Wicklow hikes or just generally find some interesting hiking ideas, her channel is worth checking out. All you need to to is find the hike near you, grab your hiking shoes and gear and set off on exploring new paths.

Every trail is unique and there is plenty to see across our island. It’s a great way to learn more about the history and nature of the land. Regardless of how long you’ve lived here.

Additional benefit to these hikes is that they’re free, and not to mention sooo good for your overall health.

To sum up, it’s free, good for your health, a great way to learn more about the nature and history and a chance to create your own unique experience. Hopefully, this new normal will soon end and we’ll all be able to hike wherever we want. Still, we can always make some post pandemic plans.

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