Weekend jobs

Weekend jobs can quite often be found in the hospitality & tourism sector. You can also find some weekend jobs in retail, construction etc. They’re a great way to earn some extra money. Moreover, if you’re young and studying, it’s a good way to gain some work experience without fully entering the work world. As we mentioned, there are a lot of different sectors where you can find weekend jobs. In this article we will be focusing on tourism related ones.

Tourism weekend jobs

Tourism and hospitality center around building the guests’ experience while he’s there. However, it’s not just about getting them here. It’s about enriching their experience while they’re here to make them want to come back. As much as tourism and hospitality enrich the stay of the guest, they also open up new work possibilities. Since the job is seasonal in its nature, it’s not surprising that employers often need the extra help. It might be that they are a wedding venue with extra wedding this week. Or perhaps there’s a festival in town for a few days and more hands are needed.

Since tourism and hospitality incorporate hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants and events there’s mostly weekend work available for waiting staff. However, there’s often work also related to setting up the activities or perhaps selling tickets. Sure, the hours are sometimes long. Especially if you’re working at an event. But there’s also pleasure in seeing the guests leave your establishment or event happy. Either way, weekend jobs offer a great networking experience. And a chance to gain deeper understanding of how the sector works if you’re still studying. Eventually, it’s going to be your choice where you find your weekend job. Here, we just wanted to lay out the possibilities tourism offers. It’s a versatile industry, so there’s bound to be something for everyone.