Waterford Jobs

Looking for Waterford jobs? County Waterford is a loved spot among tourists and has some great attractions. It is located in the province of Munster and is the oldest city in Ireland. Waterford was founded in 914 by Viking settlers. From its humble beginnings, it grew to transform into a flourishing medieval port, which dominated trade between Ireland and its European neighbours for centuries.

Waterford is not just a great spot for tourists. It is also an excellent place to live with many jobs, particularly within the hospitality industry.

Do you want to be a chef, a hotel receptionist or a spa therapist? Waterford has you covered. According to Failte Ireland, there are 1,392 hotel rooms in Waterford. That is a lot of people to be taking care of which translates to many job opportunities in Waterford’s hotels. If hotels are not your cup of tea, Waterford also has many restaurants.

Waterford’s restaurant scene is truly incredible, showcasing many different kinds of cuisines. For example, from traditional Irish food to Chinese to Italian to healthy food options. In addition, there are plenty of spas in Water, both day spas and hotel spas.

Working in a spa can be a very fulfilling job. You play a role in helping stressed out people to find ultimate relaxation. If you are not yet ready to hop into a job, there is also the opportunity to study in Waterford.

You could study at the Waterford Institute of Technology to further enhance your skills and knowledge. In summary, Waterford is a great place to live and gain experience in the hospitality industry. Also, there are many jobs in Waterford up for grabs.

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