Waitress Jobs Dublin

Looking for waitress jobs Dublin? Dublin is an excellent part of Ireland to live in and visit. It is packed with beautiful scenery, great attractions and that busy city feeling.

It is a loved spot among tourists for being so utterly unique. In addition, Dublin has an abundance of hospitality jobs.

One worth mentioning being waitress jobs. Working as a waitress can be a tough job. This is because you are working with the general public and you are open up to all kinds of people, kind and not so kind.

However, the pros outweigh the cons for this job. The job can be incredibly rewarding. This is because you get to serve people beautiful creations and experience their gratitude. In addition, if you enjoy chatting with people, you get to speak to lots of people.

Waitress jobs look very good on CVs because waitresses have numerous responsibilities that can translate into a variety of jobs.

Their responsibilities include taking orders, answering customer queries, giving suggestions to customers on what to order and communicating with customers to ensure satisfaction and resolve any complaints.

In addition to processing customer payments, handling money, cleaning up and ensuring the restaurant is safe. Waitress job postings list a number of necessary skills. These include effective communication and active listening.

In addition to customer service skills, strong time management skills and organisational skills. Waitresses can expect to earn an average of €9.75 per hour.

In summary, Dublin is an excellent place to live and work with tons of waitress job opportunities. If you ever need help in deciding where to apply, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Tourism Recruit.