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Tourism industry is a part of the serving sector. Moreover, it’s often used as a synonym for hospitality. Merriam-Webster defines tourism as the practice of traveling for recreation. It also defines it as the guidance or management of tourists. On the other hand, hospitality is defined as a hospitable treatment, reception, or disposition. It can also mean the activity or business of providing services to guests. These terms are often interchangeable. So, when we’re talking about tourism jobs, we’re also thinking of hospitality jobs. However, not all tourism jobs fall under hospitality. For instance, if you’re working within tourism sector, you could be working in a travel agency.

Tourism jobs are all dynamic and people-oriented. Since the guests come from all around the world, knowing an additional language is always a benefit.

Tourism jobs – opportunities

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at your previous experiences. Think what could apply. Also, it’s always wise to review your soft skills. These are often extremely important. Especially for entry-level jobs since you can learn the technical side on the job. For example, if you previously worked in retail and would now like to work in a tour agency, knowing a certain program could be an advantage. However, it’s more likely your people skills will be the deciding factor.

Where to start

So, take a look at the job you want versus the jobs you had. The more similarities there are the easier it will be to land a job. And as is the case with all things, the longer you’re in the business the easier it gets. Whenever you’re not sure, ask for advice. Call and ask recruitment agencies, friends or people who are already in the business. All of them could help you in making a decision. After that, the only advice we can give is to be persistent. Don’t get discouraged by a single rejection. Keep on applying until you land the job you desire.

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