What does a Sales Manager do and what is in their job description? Find out in the article below or simply visit Tourism Recruit to find active sales jobs in the tourism industry.

Sales Manager Job Description – Duties and Responsibilities

  • Achieving our commercial sales objectives. As the Sales manager, you will manage the coordination of our sales activities through external agencies as well as internal stakeholders and team members. You will be one of our sales experts – leading, supporting and shaping how the brand builds and evolves.
  • Ensure that budgets are used effectively; whilst motivating and coaching the residence teams to succeed.
  • Assist the Head of Sales and Marketing in developing our sales strategy and creating new initiatives. Moreover, you will be the key person responsible for driving these forward.
  • You will be responsible for the lead generation and sales of accommodation beds in the country. Aim to achieve maximum occupancy and revenue during core and summer periods.
  • Set and monitor sales targets and KPIs, provide support, motivation and coaching to ensure these are achieved.
  • Act as the sales lead for the country, supporting the development and embedding of a strong sales culture.
  • Conduct viewings across the country portfolio and coach other team members to also deliver effective viewings. Track the conversion of viewings to sales and provide interventions as needed.
  • Consistently provide exceptional customer service to ensure we deliver on commitments to retain residents. Furthermore, engage positively with all residents to ensure they become referrers of future residents.
  • Conduct market research, insight and analysis from residences and competitors in order to identify market requirements for current and future products and propositions. This includes:
    • Monitoring and analysing sales trends
    • Studying competitors’ products and services
    • Analysing customer behaviour

…some more duties of Sales Managers

  • Develop an annual marketing plan and budget to drive leads with the Marketing Manager. This should detail the year’s activity to meet agreed company objectives.
  • Liaise with  other institutions to create effective working relationships and partnerships.
  • Lead and schedule weekly and/or monthly sales-focused team meetings.
  • Track sales team metrics and report data to management on a regular basis.
  • Ensure correct usage of the sales portal and other sales applications.
  • Manage all shows to ensure a high standard of presentation.