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Sales and Marketing Executive Job Description – Duties and Job Responsibilities

  • Maximise income from the utilisation of accommodation.
  • Manage and implement the revenue/rate control for the facility and ensure that budget targets are met.
  • Analyse data and trends. Moreover, work closely with the senior management to make improvements.
  • Obtain timely and accurate information on competitors. This includes pricing, business levels and available facilities.
  • Manage all elements of room revenue, reservations and Group bookings.
  • Support the preparation of reports on the accommodation commercial strategy.
  • Support the Accommodation Sales & Marketing Executive to recruit and train staff.
  • Supervise commercial reception and accommodation operations. Aforementioned includes liaising with other service departments.
  • Ensure best practices in revenue management are in place and the maximum revenue is achieved on any given day.
  • Update availability on all channels.
  • Input individual and group bookings.

Sales and Marketing Executive – Skills and Abilities

  • Refined communication skills – verbal and written (Inc. Report writing skills)
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills in the field of revenue management
  • Proven organisational skills to function with a high level of autonomy and flexibility
  • Strong public speaker and good front of house skills
  • Be a power user of accommodation management software including that used in universities
  • Experience of working in a complex and diverse business setting is extremely advantageous
  • Detail oriented and hands on with a customer-centered approach
  • Proven leadership skills
  • Highly motivated with excellent people management skills