Receptionist jobs Dublin

Since there’s always a lot of interest for receptionist jobs Dublin is the safest bet when it comes to getting a receptionist job. It has most hotels in Ireland. As such Dublin offers a range of opportunities whether they’re in 3-, 4- or 5-star range. According to Failte Irelands’ report, there are 154 hotels in Dublin. However, the report is from 2019 and Dublin has seen more developments. Also, there is a constant demand for more hotel beds in the city. Therefore, if we take into account the numbers alone, it becomes quite clear. When it comes to receptionist jobs Dublin has the most to offer.

Average salaries for receptionist jobs – Dublin

Indeed, Glassdoor and Payscale list slightly different average receptionist salaries. However, all of them are around €25k annually. They can range anywhere between €21 and €30k. The comparison might be a bit difficult as it incorporates data from receptionists working in hotels, restaurants and other non-hospitality businesses. It also varies when we look at hospitality alone. This is due to the fact that your workload won’t be the same if you’re working in a large 5-star hotel or a boutique 4-star. Furthermore, your job duties will differ significantly between sectors. Above mentioned salaries are all based on full-time employment. Or in other words on a 40-hour work week.

The following companies advertise receptionist jobs in Dublin on Tourism Recruit:

In this article we are focusing on hospitality receptionist jobs. On that note, we would like to point out why choosing a receptionist career in hospitality is a good thing. First, it offers you plenty of room to grow professionally. You can continue your career as a Front Office Supervisor or Manager. Moreover, you can also advance into a Night Manager from a receptionist position. Second, it’s a dynamic job position. You meet new people on a daily basis. It requires constant positivity, ability to put the guests’ needs first and thinking on your feet.

Receptionist career – when is it for me?

To sum up, look for a receptionist role if you can find yourself in the last sentence. As any other job, this one is a lot easier to do if you have a passion for it. If you’re looking for receptionist jobs, Dublin welcomes you with its many hotels.

Good luck!