What are the best part time jobs Galway has to offer? Which industry employ the most people? Where are the best job opportunities? If you ever wondered any of these questions, we hope this article helps along the way. Galway is located in the West of Ireland and it’s the home of 80 000 people. The main industry in both the city and the county is manufacturing. So, it might be a wise choice to start there when searching for part time jobs Galway on your computer. Food and accommodation are in the top 5 employment sectors as well. Galway county has the most beds in Ireland after Dublin, according to Failte Ireland. Furthermore, the majority of those hotels is rated 4-star (37 out of 81) so you know to expect some good paying customers.

Event industry

Event industry might be a good starting point as well. Especially since Galway was declared the European Capital of Culture for 2020. Not to mention it’s also a UNESCO City of Film since 2014. If there were plenty of festivals and events before, 2020 is sure to bring a lot more. Surely, it would already be live with people and events were it not for COVID-19. With guaranteed fun year-round, Galway is sure to stay on the tourist map for a while. Just in 2018 Galway had 2.5 million visitors and was the second most visited town in Ireland. Therefore, choosing a hospitality part time job in Galway might be a great thing if you’re already working and looking for some extra money. Or if you’re a student with free time looking to expand your budget.

Among employers who advertise part time jobs in Galway on Tourism Recruit you will find:

When it comes to part time jobs Galway has a lot to offer. From manufacturing and retail to hospitality and events you can take your pick. Just don’t forget to enjoy while you’re there as well.

Whether you’re looking for chef jobs, receptionist jobs or sales jobs, you can check out our tourism jobs in Galway.