Maintenance Jobs Dublin

Interested in maintenance jobs Dublin? Dublin is a fantastic part of the world to live in and work. It is a busy city that also has incredible scenery, making it a great spot to escape your mind.

In addition, Dublin has some great attractions such as St Stephens Green, Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park and much more. In addition, these amazing attractions make Dublin a loved spot by tourists and locals.

Besides the incredible amenities of Dublin, Dublin also has an abundance of maintenance jobs. Maintenance jobs vary from technical maintenance to utilities maintenance to electrician maintenance to mechanical maintenance and much more.

The most popular of these roles being a maintenance technician. A maintenance technician will be tasked with doing routine maintenance of manufacturing equipment. In addition, they help to troubleshoot when issues arise.

Their tasks include:

· Assisting in the installation of new manufacturing equipment

· Calibration of equipment or machinery

· Routine inspection and testing of equipment and machinery

· Preventative maintenance tasks to try to minimize unexpected issues with equipment

· Responding to alerts and operation messages – carrying out corrective procedures and repairs in line with SOPs and maintenance protocols.

· Clear documentation of both routine checks and repairs needed, in line with both internal and external protocols and procedures

· Maintains logs of any downtime within the manufacturing system

There are a number of skills required to work in this role. For example, attention to detail, excellent verbal communication skills and written communication skills. In addition, problem solving skills, IT skills, teamwork and good time management. The starting salary for a maintenance technician is €30,000 to €35,000. However, after 2 years of experience, this salary increases to €35,000 to €40,000.

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