Kitchen Porter Duties

Want to work as a kitchen porter and curious what the kitchen porter duties are? A kitchen porter, also known as a kitchen hand or dishwasher, is responsible for ensuring that all kitchen areas are clean. For example, they will clean kitchen equipment and dishes.

A kitchen porter is necessary for any restaurant or commercial kitchen. This is because they cannot run successfully as they play a vital role in ensuring that the kitchen is a safe and clean place for making and serving food.

It is a great job to have if you have no previous qualifications. If you enjoy a fast-paced working environment, have the ability to listen to instructions and are reliable and flexible, you will be the perfect candidate for a kitchen porter.

The main duties of a kitchen porter are:

· Ensure basic cleaning jobs are carried out as quickly as possible.

· Collect and wash up pots and pans.

· Clean food preparation areas and equipment, in addition to crockery and cutlery.

· Unload food and equipment deliveries.

· Keep the storeroom organised.

· Keep work surfaces, walls and floors clean and sanitised.

Kitchen porters can also be involved in food preparation such as peeling vegetables and unwrapping ingredients. You may also be asked to prepare salads or desserts for customers.

Working as a kitchen porter can be an exciting job as the tasks are varied and you will always be kept busy. In addition, you get the opportunity to meet new people all the time which makes job shifts very interesting. The average hourly pay for a kitchen porter is €16.06.

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In summary, working as a kitchen porter can be a very fulfilling job. If you ever need help in deciding where to apply, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Tourism Recruit.