Jobs in Wexford

Whether you’re looking for work in the financial sector, technology, food production, retail or tourism, there is a steady stream of jobs in Wexford. The traditional main economies of the county are agriculture, fishing, manufacturing and tourism. However, if you’re considering life and work in Wexford, there’s plenty to research. Hopefully, our article will help you along the way. Located in the South East of Ireland, Wexford is also known as the “Cornerstone of Ireland’s Ancient East”. Wexford has 270 km of coastline and history. This makes it a destination for both the domestic and international tourists. For example, the oldest operational lighthouse in the world, The Hook Lighthouse is in Wexford.


Life in Wexford

If you’re already looking for jobs in Wexford, now might be a great time to look at the quality of life and cost of living. Here are some things you should know. First, Wexford is well connected with the large cities in Ireland. This in turn means it’s connected with third level education centres as well as the rest of the world. Second, when it comes to offering a certain lifestyle, Wexford has it all. You’ll be able to make your pick regardless if you’re looking for a slice of rural heaven or a bit of urban rush.

Furthermore, Wexford has some of the lowest rent prices in Ireland. It’s always beneficial to consult Numbeo living cost comparison tool when looking for similar info. So, when we compare for instance Dublin and Wexford rent price for a 3 bedrooms Apartment in City Centre we can see Wexford is almost three times cheaper.

If this isn’t enough to make you choose Wexford as your home, maybe your potential neighbours will. Wexford and the South East region have one of Europe’s youngest and fastest growing populations. Moreover, half the population in Wexford is under 35 years of age.

To sum up, quality of life is good. The rent is low. Population is young. Most importantly, there are plenty jobs in Wexford. So, what stopping you? Come and enjoy Wexford. If you are new to the county, it might help if you contact a specialised recruitment agency. They can help you get your dream job faster.

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