Jobs in Sligo

As a part of The Wild Atlantic Way, Sligo has a lot to offer. It’s the gateway to the North West as well. Furthermore, it’s the cultural, industrial, retail and historic centre in the West. With this in mind, it’s no wonder there are a lot of hospitality jobs in Sligo.

The city and the county themselves provide tourists with plethora of activities. And most importantly, they offer newcomers good job opportunities. For example, Sligo is a popular surfing destination. It doesn’t have one but seven beaches within 10 kilometres. Besides beautiful beaches, there are also lovely mountains close by. If you’re trying to imagine the landscape just read some of Yeats poems. Or better yet, come visit Sligo. See for yourself where he drew his inspiration from. For more info on the city, check out this link. History and mythology mix well with the new in this city. Due to this, Sligo Tourism created a brand trying to reflect their values. Their logo reflects Creativity, Independence, Inclusiveness, Activity and Enchantment.

If you’re not drawn to Sligo on the account of its beauty and tradition you should also know that it recently received an influx of cash for development. Furthermore, the city’s becoming a centre for regional and international companies. For instance, Abbott in Ireland, a multinational company, has their office in Sligo. Since creating The Wild Atlantic Way experience, Sligo is gaining in popularity among tourists. This in turn resulted in an increase of hospitality jobs in Sligo.

If you fell in love with the city while reading this and now have to visit it, worry not. You can easily reach it by any means of transport.

Tell us about your experience in Sligo and how you liked it. Also, feel free to leave us a comment and view all our jobs on Tourism Recruit.