Jobs in Limerick

There’s a wide range of jobs in Limerick. Since 2013, almost 16 000 jobs were created there. Likewise, since 2012 the unemployment is continuously dropping. Limerick is the regions’ capital and is constantly attracting investors. Moreover, the city developed an urban plan called Limerick 2030. In it they outline a plan for future growth. The city is working on attracting more investors and diversifying their portfolio. For example, both Vistakon and Analog Devices have their offices there. Limerick is a city focused on the future, with 45% of population under 35 years.

Businesses and third level education institutions collaborate closely and it keeps Limerick on the right track. Limerick is the educational centre of the region. It is also the home of renowned schools such as University of Limerick and Limerick Institute of Technology. Furthermore, Shannon College of Hotel Management is close by in Shannon Airport. Only 20 kilometres from the city. And it’s the only dedicated hotel management college.

Limerick as a starting point

The city is rich in both history and culture. We can trace its origins all the way back to 812. You can still see the remnants of the time gone by in the architecture of King John’s Castle and St Mary’s Cathedral. The rich history and beautiful surroundings attract tourists to Limerick. Meanwhile, the city’s vision, amount of new jobs and future development attract young and capable workforce. Another thing that puts Limerick on the map is the fact it’s so easily accessible. Any way you look at it, the city is well connected with other big cities in Ireland. A steady stream of tourists from all over the world goes through Shannon Airport every year. Just in 2018 that number rose over 1.8 million. Production, tech and hospitality create a wide array of jobs in Limerick.

All of the above makes Limerick a wonderful starting point of your life in Ireland. Not to mention the rent prices are a bit lower than in other large cities as Dublin and Cork. So, there’s only one thing left. Come to Limerick and see all of this yourself.  Register on Tourism Recruit, Ireland’s newest hospitality jobs board for all tourism and hospitality vacancies.

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