Jobs in Killarney

Jobs in Killarney are mainly hospitality jobs. Since tourism is the largest industry in the town that is to be expected. Killarney is a part of Killarney National Park. And it’s also the home of many historic avenues and sights. Tourism industry in Killarney dates way back to the 18th century. The town recently celebrated their 250-year tourism anniversary. They used 1747 as a starting point. To this day, they are keeping the tradition strong and continue to attract numerous tourists via rail, road, air or bus. Among other notable tourist attractions are Killarney National Park, Lakes of Killarney and Muckross House. Moreover, there are the Killarney House, Ross Castle and St Mary’s Cathedral as well. It’s location on the Ring of Kerry further helps to make it a popular destination.

Life quality in Killarney

Apart from Dublin, Killarney has more beds than any other Irish town. Furthermore, they are famous for their many restaurants and lively pubs. However, if you’re afraid that Killarney might be quiet during the winter when there aren’t that many tourists, you’re worrying for nothing. Killarney is known for its hospitality and pubs all year round. Sure it might be less packed during the winter but you can still find a full pub during those weekends as well. Also, winter “quiet” only gives you more time to explore the countryside. It will definitely take you a while to get to know Killarney. Once you do, we’re sure you’re going to love it.

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In addition to the beautiful scenery and history, Killarney is also quite cheap to live in. Both consumer and rent prices are significantly lower in Killarney than in Dublin. For more information, you can visit Numbeo. When considering jobs in Killarney focus on hospitality jobs. Although the town is small, it has more than enough tourists to keep you busy.

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