Jobs in Galway

Galway has the most hotels in Ireland, after Dublin. So, it’s not surprising there’s plenty of hotel jobs in Galway. Besides just hotels, Galway has a lot to offer especially when it comes to festivals and events. Therefore, it’s no wonder it is the European Capital of Culture for 2020. Along with Rijeka in Croatia.

Galway is settled on the River Corrib in the West of Ireland and the home of 80 000 people. It is also the capital of Connacht and 6th most populous city in Ireland. Over the years, Galway continuously invested in culture. So, the recognition it got worldwide is definitely well deserved. Since 2014 Galway is a UNESCO City of Film and now the EU Capital of Culture. Another thing that puts it on the map is the Galway Arts Festival which takes place in July.

In addition to the developed culture, Galway is also currently experiencing economic growth. As well as population increase of 3000 in the span of five years. In both city and the county, the main employment sector is manufacturing. Accommodation and food service activities are in the top five employment sectors as well. They employ 9,9% of people in the city. 

Certainly, tourism is one of the key sectors in the city. To illustrate, in 2018 around 2.5 million people visited Galway. In turn, this made it the second most visited city in Ireland. Moreover, it was recently voted fourth best city in the world for tourists by the Lonely Planet. Surely, you’ll find things to do and sights to see.

Although there’s a lot of people employed in tourism sector, there is also a lot of people working in hi-tech manufacturing. In fact, a lot of famous companies have chosen Galway as a location for their offices. For example, the famous names include Smyths, SAP AG, EA Games, Medtronic & Boston Scientific.

Among employers who advertise jobs in Galway on Tourism Recruit you will find:

In conclusion, if you do decide to come, know there is plenty of jobs in Galway. Regardless if you’re looking for hospitality jobs, manufacturing or retail. Come and see for yourself. 

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