Jobs in Dublin

Let’s talk about jobs in Dublin. Dublin is the place for hospitality jobs. It is a busy and fast-moving town that is thrilling and exciting to live in. It’s a city rich in culture and history. According to IB4UD, the city was founded by Vikings who settled in the city in the 9th century and dubbed their new land the ‘Norse Kingdom of Dublin’.

From 841 AD onwards, Dublin became one of the most important towns in Ireland. It also became a hub for Viking expansion and trade.

That history and culture makes Dublin a top tourism spot in Ireland. It’s not just that people visit Dublin for a holiday, many also visit to complete a semester abroad.

There are so many opportunities in Dublin within the hospitality sector.

Dublin is home to 1.273 million people. The city has a ton of hotels and restaurants. According to Failte Ireland, Dublin has 154 hotels. This figure does not include B&Bs and other stay in accommodation.

Dublin also has an incredible restaurant scene that features many different cuisines. From the traditional Irish restaurants and bars to Italian and Indian eateries to much more.

Alongside opportunities in hotels, restaurants and bars, Dublin also has many day and hotel spas if that is your ideal place to work.

Dublin also provides the opportunity to further enhance your skills, housing colleges such as Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University and many more. In addition, the colleges in Dublin have lots of great courses to choose from.

The following companies advertise jobs in Dublin on Tourism Recruit:

In summary, Dublin is not just a great place to visit and live in, it also has loads of hospitality jobs. If you ever need help deciding where to apply, do get in touch with us at Tourism Recruit.