Job Search in Ireland

The job search in Ireland can be tough going. But it doesn’t matter where you are in your job search, Ireland offers plenty of entry, mid and expert jobs for everyone. Another great thing about Ireland is it has tons of job sites and job boards for those who are actively applying. Job sites and job boards are the way forward. Afterall, we live in a digital world where everything is online. Job sites and job boards will show you more jobs than you could find in the newspapers and magazines.

In addition, there is nothing more awkward than walking around town looking for signage to say a company is hiring. On job boards and job sites, you don’t have to go through all this struggle. Not to mention, applying for jobs online enables you to show the employer that you can use a computer and that you have basic computer skills. This is an absolute must in 2020 life, particularly for jobs.

A job search in Ireland doesn’t have to be hard, all you need is to find the right approach. That, of course, depends on the sector too. So, let’s take a look at hospitality sector in the next chapter.

Job search in Ireland – Hospitality Jobs

When we take a look at hospitality industry we can see that for a number of years, hospitality sector in Ireland is struggling to keep up with the demands of the market. This is especially true when you take a look at chefs or F&B for example. Now, employers are using different hiring tactics to find high-quality staff. For instance, now it’s normal to use Skype and Zoom for initial interviews. However, chefs still need to complete a trial after the interview.

Hotels and catering companies also sometimes go abroad for different job fairs in order to find future employees. Skype interviews are also conducted for managerial roles. However, these also require a in person meeting before hiring in most cases.

Where you’re currently based will also affect your job search in Ireland. So let’s take a look at two different scenarios next. How a job search in Ireland goes when you’re already there? And, how to do a job search in Ireland when you’re currently abroad?

Job search Ireland – native

If you’re a native in Ireland, you’re already ahead of the curve.

You already know the lay of the land and have more networking options. Furthermore, you’re familiar with more hotels and the process itself so it’s easier for you to land a hospitality job.

You can visit a property in person, search through job sites or hire a recruitment agency. Truth of the matter is you will be getting more calls than someone from abroad. The key consideration for you is where the property is and the salary. However, if you’re considering moving to a different county, make sure you research the life in-depth.

Job search Ireland – relocating

So, how does job search Ireland go when you’re searching from abroad?

It’s quite similar to the above. But it has more things to consider. You too can employ any of the above-mentioned tactics. However, it’s easier for an employer to hire someone close by in more cases than not. But don’t get discouraged. Be persistent, polite and available for calls and you’re one step closer.

Keep in mind that an employer can assist you with relocating and offer you either temporary or permanent accommodation. However, minimal living costs are deducted from your salary. Furthermore, if you’re coming from abroad consider using a recruitment agency. This is especially true for manager roles as they can help you navigate the landscape better.

There are plenty hospitality recruitment agencies which can help you land a hotel job. Especially if you’re looking for live in hotel jobs to help you stand on your feet when you get there.

As always research is above all. It’s a big change and you need to be on top of that. Make sure there aren’t any surprises when you’re out there looking for an Irish hospitality jobs.

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