Job Board Ireland

So, who is this Tourism Recruit we hear a lot of you ask? Well, Tourism Recruit is the newest Job Board in Ireland, dedicated to the Tourism & Hospitality sector only. There are several main job sites Ireland uses for job search. These include, Indeed, and Jobs Ireland. Job boards are an easy way for applicants to apply to jobs. They lay out the exact job specification, the pay, the days and hours. They also share the skills required for the role.

However, we did notice that there was no dedicated job board in Ireland for the Tourism & Hospitality sector and with so many hotel jobs in Ireland and the tourism industry pre-COVID-19 there was a massive shortage of jobseekers and hospitality jobs in Ireland. So, we realised there was definitely room for innovation when it comes to jobs board Ireland can offer.

What did we do?

We spoke to a lot of businesses within the sector in Ireland who had vacancies such as chef jobs and hotel jobs and were looking for a more bespoke job site in Ireland to meet their needs and allow them to show off their business in the best possible light.  We spoke to owners who had jobs in Killarney, jobs in Dublin, jobs in Galway etc and took time to listen and understand what they needed from a dedicated job site in Ireland.

On the back of this we also spent a lot of time talking to job seekers. We asked them what they wanted to see in job sites Ireland? And what would make their user journey easier? What technology would enable them more to find the perfect part time job or tourism job?

We hope today that what you see is a clean and crisp job site which is easy to navigate and that gives you lots of information on the job and also the employer.

Job sites Ireland – key considerations

When you’re looking at job sites, Ireland has specialized job sites that cater to specific sectors. This might be a way for you to narrow your search some more. If you’re not just looking at entry level jobs and have a profession in mind, it might be good to research which job sites are there. Otherwise, you can always narrow your search with filters on the larger sites.

There are a few things that can improve your user experience while you’re browsing those sites. It really helps if you can navigate easily to employer panel and see what other jobs they offer or a link to company website. Glassdoor can provide you with employee experiences as well. Furthermore, it also helps when you can see what the average salary for that role is. It helps you decide whether you’ll apply to a job while offering great info for salary negotiation. In the end the thing that’s going to help you choose will be your own research and gut feeling you get from the interview.

Social Media vs Job Boards

One of the best and most popular way to advertise and apply for jobs is online.

This is because the days of jobs being printed in newspapers and magazines are coming to an end. In addition, it is a pain for applicants to walk around the city awaiting to see job posts on the doors of businesses.

Everything is moving online. Applying for jobs online shows recruiters that you know how to use a computer. This is a valuable skill in today’s digital world. Plus, you will find more jobs online than if you were to scan the newspapers or look around the towns of Ireland.

Social media platforms are also often used for attracting future employees. Nowadays, Facebook & LinkedIn also play a pivotal role in hiring. While job sites often provide more security, social media provides a direct form of contact. There are ups and downs to both and if you do choose to search for work, we would recommend using a job site or a professional social media platform. Though there are many upsides to Facebook it does not provide you with a company info necessarily nor professional background. On the other hand, LinkedIn offers both and has established itself as a leader in professional social platforms.

Job Board Ireland – Tourism Recruit

As we mentioned, Ireland has an abundance of job sites. These platforms are great for finding Irish jobs that fit what you are looking for, your skills, your interests and much more. Also, they give a full job specification. They also provide a brief that includes the hours, days per week and the pay.

However, if you’re looking for tourism jobs or hospitality jobs, the only one that you need to know of is Tourism Recruit. This is the newest job board Ireland offers. And it’s dedicated to the Hospitality Industry. It is built with not just the jobseeker in mind but also the employer.

Furthermore, it is not just for full time permanent roles but also for weekend jobs and part time jobs. Whether you are looking for cleaning jobs Dublin, jobs in Cork or jobs in Limerick then Tourism Recruit is the place for you to browse jobs Ireland.

We advertise in the following sectors and you can easily navigate through all of our hospitality & tourism jobs:

Create your profile, browse through all our hospitality jobs and apply with ease. You can also create notifications and get notified of new jobs on our job board as soon as they appear. It all starts here.