Irish Jobs

Ireland is the place for Irish jobs. It is a beautiful, scenic country with loads to offer. Ireland is an island, housing 32 counties that are packed with history and culture.

Ireland is an amazing place to live and work, having so many incredible opportunities within the hospitality industry. From jobs in hotels to restaurants and bars to spas, Ireland has you sorted.

When considering a career in the hospitality industry, it is essential to know what your ideal job is. You need to figure out not just what kind of establishment you would like to work in but what role you want also.

Are you interested in chef jobs? Would you prefer to be a beauty therapist in a day spa? Alternatively, would you prefer to be a hotel receptionist?

The choice is yours and Ireland has plenty of options for you. Ireland has an abundance of hotels, restaurants, bars and day spas so you truly get your pick. For reference, according to the Failte Ireland Accomodation Capacity 2019 Report, Ireland has a total of 823 hotel premises which equals 147,883 beds. Also, these figures do not include guesthouses, B&Bs and other stay in accommodation.

These figures show how many hotel opportunities there are. Alongside hotels, what is great about Ireland when it comes to Irish jobs is that Ireland has so many restaurants and showcases a variety of different cuisines.

From Italian to Indian to traditional Irish cuisine of course and many more. Ireland also has lots of spas both day spas and hotel spas. It is very clear that when it comes to Irish jobs, you have plenty of options here in Ireland.

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