HR director job description – essentially, be responsible for the smooth and profitable operation of the company’s human resources department.

The HR Director usually reports directly to the CEO. Continue reading for a detailed display of duties or check out HR jobs on Tourism Recruit.

HR Director Job Description – Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise and provide consultation to management on strategic staffing plans compensation, benefits, training and development, budget and labour relations.
  • You are responsible for the Company’s business excellence in terms of guest satisfaction, quality through our standards, employee engagement with guests, organisation, learning and talent development and Company culture.
  • In the context of the Hotel Group, you are responsible for managing the information which we receive through business excellence platforms in relation to quality KPI’s. The Quality aspect of the role assesses current business excellence processes and looks at methods to continuously develop and improve on these. The focus of this aspect is to drive consistency in our operating standards, ensuring service excellence is achieved.
  • You are responsible for reviewing acquisition opportunities from a HR perspective. This includes but is not limited to gap analysis, contracts, team capabilities etc. as well as cohesively managing the whole HR, talent and excellence departments.
  • Create succession plans for all business units. Also, ensure appraisals are being conducted in each property as per group template. Management of training matrix and training policies for the group is imperative.
  • You will also manage organisation learning and talent development. Also, you will identify with the management team areas of the business where knowledge is likely to have a significant impact on the business strategy of the Company.
  • The role is also responsible for facilitating ways in which to communicate our culture to our team members.
  • This role is responsible for interpreting the values, designing and implementing innovative ways to communicate these values. Individual hotel management teams are responsible for managing the culture within their properties.