Hotel Night Manager Job Description – responsible for the smooth running of the Hotel/Resort & reception duties during evening hours.

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Hotel Night Manager Job Description – Duties and Responsibilities

  • Train staff in relevant software systems.
  • Direct the night team in their duties.
  • Assist the Food and Beverage personnel and nominate the closing of the bar.
  • Ensure that staff are sent home when business levels are low and that they are clocked out and departed.
  • Manage food and beverage service at night to the required standard.
  • Ensure guests’ needs are met during the night period including organising transport etc.
  • Ensure billing of rooms is carried out accurately.
  • Gather the relevant information for early morning wake up, departures etc. and ensure these are carried out to the required standard.
  • Liaise with the day concierge and reception to ensure proper handover with regard to transport, guest details etc.
  • Also, liaise with security regarding any incidents and follow up as required.
  • Drive staff home and ensure they adhere to the staff transport policy and that it is not abused. Make sure a correct record is kept.
  • Ensure all public areas and rooms are cleaned thoroughly and to the agreed standard.
  • Make sure all facilities issues are reported to the relevant manager