Hotel Jobs Clare

Typing in hotel jobs Clare into your job search? Clare is a beautiful county on the island of Ireland that has some of the most incredible scenery and attractions. From the likes of the Cliffs of Moher to the River Shannon to the Atlantic Way and Bunratty Castle, Clare is a popular spot amongst tourists.

Clare is rich in history and cultural. For example, did you know that the person who invented the submarine was from Clare? Bet you didn’t know that one. Clare is not just a beautiful spot for tourists, it also houses many hospitality job opportunities, particularly in hotels. According to the Failte Ireland Accomodation Capacity Report from 2019, Clare has 2,438 hotel rooms. This number illustrates the number of hotel job opportunities in the county.

From jobs as a hotel receptionist to a housekeeper to a food and beverage manager, Clare has you sorted. Apart from that, there is also the opportunity to work as a hotel chef or a waitress in a Clare hotel.

Also, if the hotel has a spa, you could work as a spa therapist if that’s your cup of tea. It all depends on what your ideal job within a hotel would be. However, whatever it is, you can rest assure that Clare has opportunities for it.

As a result, working in a hotel can be a very fulfilling job. You can meet people from across the globe who are vacationing with you and enhance their Irish experience.

In summary, you should continue typing hotel jobs Clare into that job search box because Clare is beautiful and has lots of opportunities available to you. Therefore, if you ever need help in deciding where to apply, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Tourism Recruit.