What does a Hotel HR Manager role entails and what duties fall into their job description?

A hotel HR Manager usually reports to the group General Manager and/or Group HR Manager if there is one in Place. Their role is to provide advice, coaching and counselling in all aspects of HR and related issues. They are also responsible for the effective administration of the HR function and all related reporting matters.

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Hotel HR Manager Job Description – Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure property wide compliance with company policy and procedures, employment law and other relevant legislation and regulations. This includes but is not limited to aspects of health and safety, data protection etc.
  • Assist in the recruitment, selection and development, evaluation, management, retention and succession planning processes.
  • Develop and promote the Hotel’s standing as an employer brand of choice and to build relations with relevant third parties such as colleges, government bodies, agencies etc.
  • Identify, analyse, devise and ensure delivery of an appropriate training and learning and development programme.
  • Ensure appropriate compensation and benefits management.
  • Performance and absence analysis and management, grievance and conflict resolution.
  • Ensure budgetary knowledge and expense management in all relevant areas.
  • In charge of employee recognition, rewards and social and CSR activities.
  • Work on employee engagement and relationship building.
  • Foster a harmonious, safe, respectful and productive work environment with a culture of team spirit, flexibility, pride and delivery of our vision and values at its core.