Hotel Bar Manager Job Description                                                       

Main Purpose of the job:                          


Ensuring service provided in all beverage areas is to the Hotel Standard and all duties required to maintain such standards.


Main Duties for both departments:


Internal & External Customer Care: 

  • To ensure all guests receive genuine, warm, friendly, and courteous greeting during their stay from all hotel personnel.
  • To empower, encourage and promote employees to make on the spot guest satisfaction decisions.
  • To ensure all guest queries are handled promptly and efficiently



  • To assist in implementing and maintaining a quality system for the Hotel, to ensure we always offer guests consistently high standards of quality through training and monitoring
  • To assist in achieving annual awards and goals we set out to achieve
  • To assist in developing the image of the hotel as a Quality Employer
  • To assist in auditing department for service and quality and to assist in implementing strategies to improve results


  • To efficiently and effectively control the department operation
  • To ensure all departmental staff are able to carry out their duties to the standards as laid down in the standard of performance manual
  • To be aware of relevant competitor information and market changes to assist in initiating changes to our services/rates as appropriate
  • To ensure agreed uniform standards are achieved throughout department. To assist in controlling issue and returns.
  • Ensure that the highest possible standard of personal hygiene, appearance, body language and conduct of employees is maintained by all employees in department


  • To complete departmental action plans as per agreed standards and to encourage staff to be involved 
  • To ensure all departmental staff are trained in all aspects of their roles in both departments.
  • To support and carry out the appropriate plans that are in place for departmental training and to help in measuring the effectiveness of this training
  • To ensure all training is recorded in accordance with agreed procedures
  • To attend training as required
  • To ensure Induction training is carried out in accordance with Hotel procedures
  • To ensure all staff attend training where scheduled.



  • To accept flexible work schedules necessary for uninterrupted service to Hotel guests. To maintain flexibility within team 
  • To provide support where necessary in other areas of the Hotel


Health & Safety responsibilities:

  • To ensure all accident and incidents are reported to the relevant people and to assist in providing all relevant backup. 
  • To maintain own working area tidy and in good shape. To report defective materials and equipment to appropriate individual
  • To ensure a consistently high level of security is maintained throughout the department and comply with standards
  • To be fully aware of the fire and emergency procedures within the Hotel and comply with standards
  • To comply with all health, safety and welfare statutory requirements


People management:

  • To appraise all staff regularly in accordance with agreed appraisal procedure
  • Identify employees with potential for promotion and assist in implementing development plans
  • To ensure all Human Resources Policies are adhered to and communicated to staff.
  • To prepare all duty rotas for both departments
  • To authorise all holidays in line with the dept managers.


Interviewing and selection:

  • To assist in the recruitment and selection of departmental staff in accordance with agreed Hotel procedure


Grievance & Disciplinary:

  • To ensure the agreed disciplinary and grievance procedure is adhered to at all times
  • To ensure all employee counselling is documented and passed to HR


Morale and motivation:

  • To work with the management team to ensure good morale amongst the team at all times
  • To ensure all problems are resolved immediately within the department and to inform Department head and/or Senior Management of any such issues. 
  • To be part of setting realistic team targets  
  • To promote a culture where ideas are welcome and implemented by managers and staff. To promote, encourage and reward one idea per month from each employee



  • To maintain good liaisons and communications with management and all other heads of department
  • To help present daily shift meetings upon request
  • To assist with monthly departmental meetings 
  • To ensure that the team committee member attends all committee meetings and that the feedback is acted upon immediately
  • To ensure that all agreed employee terms and conditions are adhered to
  • To attend meetings as required


Sales and costs:

  • To pass on any information to the necessary department, and inform department head of the same
  • To ensure all staff are familiar with safe keeping, cash handling, credit policy of the Hotel
  • To assist in the compilation of annual budgets
  • To assist in ensure all departmental staff are aware of Hotel promotions or special activities going on in the Hotel/area
  • To be fully aware of maximizing profit through controlling operating expenses


Specific Departmental requirements:

  • To ensure all guests queries are handled promptly and efficiently
  • To ensure all guest requests are met or suitable alternatives suggested instead. i.e. Special dietary needs, VIP’s, Special Requests 
  • To assist in maximizing revenues, cost percentages and menu structure through efficient management
  • To be aware of relevant competitor information and market changes to assist with initiating changes to our services / prices as appropriate 
  • To constantly liaise with Reception, reservations and Conference departments to ensure all guest requests are attended to efficiently while meeting and exceeding standards. 
  • To ensure we have a good working relationship with regular customers and groups.
  • To ensure efficient service to guests at all times
  • To ensure that staff have adequate supply of working tools and utensils to carry out their jobs to meet and exceed all standards.
  • To ensure lost property is processed as per hotel procedure.
  • To carry out monthly stock takes
  • To complete employee rotas and timesheets.
  • To maintain hotel plants and floral arrangements where required.
  • To organise & supervise staff daily duties

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