The Hospitality Sector Since COVID-19

Let’s talk the hospitality sector since COVID-19. It’s no surprise that the hospitality sector has been impacted massively by COVID-19. When the lockdowns came in, many workers within these industries did not have the privileged option of working at home that most of us have.

Many were laid off or had to alter to working in an entirely different and unusual environment. In particular, the restaurant industry had to embrace new technology and adjust to options such as online food ordering.

The bars, restaurants and hotels have been hit hard by the pandemic. However, they have mastered the challenge with great solutions. The hotels were hit hard as people were not allowed to leave their homes to go on the holidays, they had planned months back before the pandemic hit.

It has not been easy for bar owners and staff either. They have had a difficult time as bars are not the ideal place for social distancing.

Now that hotels and restaurants are reopening, they have to transform and adapt to new ways of carrying out business. Restaurants are looking at how to reassure their guests that it is safe to dine with them in house. They are looking at the likes of QR based food ordering to keep in line with social distancing and government regulations. While hotels deal with new norms such as face coverings and hand sanitizers at every turn.

It is no doubt that going to stay in a hotel or dine in restaurant in this COVID-19 climate will not be weird and unusual. It seems that the new future for us will be face coverings, hand sanitizer and social distancing. This is because it does not seem that COVID-19 is leaving us in a hurry.