Hospitality jobs 

Hospitality industry falls under the service industry. It incorporates food and drink service, lodging, theme parks, event planning and transportation. The industry is often synonymous to tourism industry. In 2019, it accounted for 11% of national employment. And it brought in billions for the economy.  As you can see, if you’re looking for hospitality jobs there’s plenty to choose from.

Hospitality jobs – opportunities

Although not all parts of Ireland are equally appealing to the guests, there’s steady development in all parts. Failte Ireland is constantly working on developing the less developed regions. As well as bringing in more tourists. Ireland has year-round tourism since we can’t count on good weather. So, choosing a hospitality career is a safe choice most of the time. Hospitality jobs vary in nature, work hours, salaries and overall job conditions across regions. Therefore, it’s important to research where you want to go.

An additional reason why you should choose hospitality is that Ireland has plenty reputable third-level educational institutions. These can help you take your career to the next level. Moreover, if you google highest paid jobs in Ireland, don’t be surprised. Hotel General Managers and Sales Directors made the list. Sure, it takes a lot to get there but everything starts with a small step.

Hospitality jobs – additional reasons why

Besides education and career advancement, there are many more reasons to chose hospitality. As can be seen above, it’s a huge industry. And there’s room for both vertical and horizontal mobility. Furthermore, you’re not limited to working in a hotel or a bar. Maybe you would be better suited to work in a tourist attraction. They employ a number of people and are popular among locals and tourists. There’s no lack of job opportunities and the main thing is to start somewhere. Hospitality jobs also refine your people and communication skills. To sum up, if you get a good enough background the sky is your limit.

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