Galway Jobs

Galway is the place for Galway jobs. Galway is a beautiful county in the West of Ireland. It is one of the most unique parts of the country and visitors love it.

Galway boasts some of the most incredible scenery. From the rugged coastline to the vast boglands to the stone-walled fields and much more.

Galway offers many job opportunities, particularly within the hospitality sector. Interested in becoming a hotel receptionist, a housekeeper or a food and beverage supervisor?

Galway has you sorted. Let me put it in perspective for you: Galway has 4,636 hotel rooms according to Failte Ireland. That’s a lot of people to take care of which means there are lots of jobs in Galway’s hotels.

Galway also has many restaurants with a great range of cuisines. From traditional Irish food to Chinese to Seafood and much more. Alongside hotels and restaurants, Galway also houses a number of day spas and hotel spas if that is your ideal job.

Besides the many job opportunities within the hospitality sector in Galway, Galway also offers the opportunity to study to further enhance your skills and knowledge. Colleges such as the National University of Ireland Galway and Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology provide you with the option to learn the knowledge and skills required prior to entering the workforce.

Among employers who advertise Galway Jobs on Tourism Recruit you will find:

In summary, Galway is a great spot. In addition, it is a great place for a person to live and learn. Therefore, if you need help in deciding where to apply, do get in touch with us at Tourism Recruit.