F & B Manager Job Description Resort

Key Measurement Criteria:

  • Delivering Quality
  • Productivity
  • Cost Control
  • Forward Planning
  • Financial Reporting
  • Supervision
  • Marketing
  • Hygiene
  • Safety & Security
  • Loyalty & Dependability 
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Inter-personal Skills
  • Adherence to Policy
  • Room Service
  • Specific Additional Tasks



  • In conjunction with the appointed managers, to review all Standards of Performance (SOP’s) within the food and beverage areas of the hotel. Ensuring that all services offered are of the highest 5* standards of quality and all employees are trained in the delivery of same.


  • To install and follow efficient and effective work methods and systems and to identify and agree schedules which will facilitate the achievement of high levels of staff productivity. To review staff rotas, ensuring that they provide adequate cover in the most cost effective manner and to ensure that wage costs are in line with the agreed wage budgets.


  • To accept ownership, and control of department budgets and costs, working with Management in reducing operating costs and to increase average spends and improve yield management within the Food and Beverage areas.
  • To review all new menus and beverage lists with the Executive Chef and Bar Manager to approve packages offered, assessing costs and quality before presenting to the General Manager for endorsement;
  • To review all prices at least every six months and to adjust the costing of the various services to reflect the increase in the purchase price in conjunction with the General Manager & Hotel Financial Controller;
  • To check all duty rosters on a weekly basis to ensure that we have sufficient staff members rostered to meet our service standards within the agreed wage budget;
  • For the purpose of operational and financial efficiency ensure that departmental holiday planning is implemented throughout all Food and Beverage outlets;
  • To practice economy in the Food and Beverage Department and to minimise any incidents of over-production, excessive use of energy and stock spoilage due to poor stock rotation;
  • To limit purchases to the absolute requirements and seek to establish minimum/maximum stock levels;
  • To ensure that we are booking entertainment only on occasions when a return on the expenses offers value. 


  • To ensure that systems for reporting future business is followed in a timely and efficient manner;
  • To be involved in the promotion of the hotel from concept stage to increase business awareness and overall exposure to the company’s goals and objectives;
  • To meet with the Events Manager and the Director of Sales and Marketing on a monthly basis to review future business and determine requirements for the coming four weeks in the Food and Beverage department.  


  • To ensure that all cash handling procedures within the Food and Beverage department are comprehensive and practical in their operation, thus reducing errors, shortages and the potential for theft;
  • To compile a brief monthly financial report, giving details of revenue, covers and staff productivity in each of the departments. To involve other relevant managers when appropriate in outline any issue that may have affected the Food and Beverage operation both positive and negative;
  • To ensure the system is updated as and when menu items and prices change; 
  • To ensure that information is shaded between all food and beverage departments with relation to operational and financial reporting.



  • To perform Duty Management shifts diligently and without compromise as a result of any extra duties assigned;
  • To work with the Departmental Managers in the control and organisation all staff within the Food and Beverage areas ensuring that required operational standards are achieved and maintained;
  • To ensure the development and training of staff in new systems methods and procedures that may be introduced into Food and Beverage areas from time to time;
  • To set a good example for management and staff with regard to punctuality, attendance, – attitude and application to work;
  • To maintain fair discipline and to foster a spirit of co-operation and pride in the daily work lives of the management and staff members throughout the Food & Beverage operation;
  • To attend Management Meetings as required, ensuring effective communication at all levels.



  • Working with our Director of Sales & Marketing prepare a sales Plan for the Food and Beverage outlets, with a particular emphasis on the local market; 
  • To have promotion specials on in the Food and Beverage outlets.



  • To practice high standards of personal hygiene at all times in terms of grooming and wearing of proper attire;
  • To maintain the required standards of operational hygiene within all areas of the Food and Beverage Departments throughout the operation; 
  • To be aware of the Statutory Hygiene regulations and to ensure that all staff strictly conform to the requirements.



  • To ensure that adequate safety measures are in operation within the Food and Beverage department and to act pro-actively to any change of directive by health and safety authority. To ensure that hazard audits are completed monthly and submitted to the Healthy and Safety Manager;
  • To be fully conversant with the Health and Safety at Work Act and to ensure that staff under your direct control are fully aware of their responsibilities under the law;
  • To ensure the security of stocks at all times;
  • To ensure that all accident report forms are filled out diligently, presented in a timely manner to our Health & Safety Manager so they can be passed on to our risk assessors.



  • To be flexible with regard to working hours in order to handle any unexpected requirements;
  • Accept responsibility for all areas under your supervision, giving credit to the team for their success, and accept responsibility for mistakes or failures within these areas;
  • To display total loyalty to the Management of the Hotel in day-to-day performance of your role.



  • To ensure that all Food and Beverage Departments conform with the hotel policy with regard to providing induction training for new staff, continually assessing the training needs and formulating and providing relevant training responses when necessary;
  • Working with the Departmental Managers in the continuous development of effective training plans, based on training needs identified.



  • To create an environment which promotes employee morale and encourages the Team to have pride and commitment in their area of work;
  • To maintain a harmonious work relationship with both Departmental Managers and staff;
  • To communicate positive attitudes, sincere interest and responsiveness to others needs and to interact in a positive way with management, staff and suppliers alike.



It is a condition of your employment that you do not discuss or disclose to any other person any details whatsoever about the Company’s business. 

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