Cork Jobs

Typing Cork jobs into job posting websites each day? Not to worry because Cork is the place for Cork jobs. In addition, Cork is an incredible place to live in and visit in Ireland. Cork is also known as the ‘rebel county’. This is because of its history of independence from the Viking invasions to the Irish War of Independence when it was the scene of quite a lot of fighting.

Cork is one of the largest counties in Ireland which means most of Ireland’s job opportunities lie in Cork. There are many job opportunities in the county, particularly within the hospitality industry.

Cork has an incredible restaurant scene. One that showcases many different kinds of cuisine. From traditional Irish food to seafood to healthy meal options and much more.

Interested in working as a chef or as a waiter or waitress? Cork is a great place for a young person wanting to enter the restaurant industry to live and learn.

Besides opportunities within the restaurant industry, Cork also has a number of hotel premises. According to Failte Ireland, Cork has 4559 hotel rooms. That’s a lot of people which means more people are needed to ensure they are being fully cared for.

If food is more your thing, you could still work as a waitress or waiter or as a chef in a hotel as most hotels have restaurants.

Alternatively, if the hotels and restaurants don’t cut it for you, Cork also has a number of hotel spas and day spas.

The following companies advertise Jobs in Cork occasionally on Tourism Recruit:

In summary, Cork has lots of hospitality jobs and is a great place to live and learn. Therefore, if you ever need help in deciding where to apply, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Tourism Recruit.