Cleaning jobs Ireland

Cleaning jobs come in different shapes and sizes. They include office cleaning jobs, standard hotel housekeeping and public area cleaning. For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on hospitality cleaning jobs. With COVID-19 measurements in place cleaning jobs have never been as important. Every hotel, pub and restaurant is boasting their levels of cleanliness to attract guests back. So, if you’re considering cleaning jobs, now is a great time to be on the lookout. However, if you’re just starting out as a housekeeping assistant, you’re probably wondering what your job entails. As well as what your career opportunities are.

Cleaning jobs opportunities

As a housekeeping assistant, your job is to maintain the cleanliness of hotel rooms. After initial training, you get a certain number of rooms to clean per day. Average housekeeping salary in Ireland is €10.71 per hour. Housekeeping supervisors inspect the room cleanliness and reports back to the Accommodation Manager. Their salaries go up to €13 per hour, but there are also bonuses. Of course, the next career step is an Accommodation Manager role. This role includes taking care of the entire staff, creating budgets and rotas. Their salary can go from €30 – 40,000+ depending on the location and size of the hotel.


Location plays a big difference when it comes to salaries. As well as living expenses. Therefore, if you’re just starting out consider hotels outside the cities. They often have accommodation capabilities for their staff. And you can agree with the employer on the deduction costs. It’s a cheaper and a more secure way to start off your life. Especially if you’re new to Ireland. Also, it takes care of some of your initial concerns. Such as finding an apartment for instance. However, larger cities have more options and manager salaries are usually higher. But so are the living costs.


There is a lot to consider either way but we wish you all the best in your search.