If you’re looking for chef jobs, Ireland can be a big area to cover in your search.

So, how can you trim down your search for chef jobs in Ireland? Ireland is a magnificent part of the world that has amazing scenery and is rich in history and culture. It has some great attractions, making it a loved spot by both tourists and locals. If you’re a native or already in Ireland for some time, you already have a good grasp on how everything works. However, if you’re new or just contemplating relocation there are a number of factors to consider.

These include:

  • Costs of living,
  • Amount of chef jobs opportunities,
  • Rating of the property,
  • Type of cuisine and so on.

But the good thing is, whatever you decide when it comes to chef jobs, Ireland has a lot of chef jobs to offer.

Hotel Chef jobs Ireland – National salary averages

In Ireland, chef salaries vary depending on the size and location of the property as do all others. In this article we will be considering national salary averages. First things first, let’s start at a commis chef level.

  • Commis chef can earn anywhere from 11-13 euros per hour. This is the entry level role in the chef world so choose a place where you can learn a lot.
  • Average national salary for a Chef de Partie is €29,639 per year while a
  • Pastry chef earns €31,638 per year on average.
  • Sous chef earns €35,552 per year and a head chef €40,516.

These salaries are a national average and do not account for potential bonuses. Also as mentioned, these vary depending on size of the property and the location.

Chef jobs in Ireland – job opportunities

Ireland honours its roots so there is plenty of work to be found in local, traditionally inspired kitchens. However, over the years they also embraced their diversity and now you can find all types of modern cuisines across the land.

Ireland’s restaurant scene is so great because it showcases so many different kinds of cuisines. From your traditional Irish meal to Chinese food to Italian food to seafood and healthy options. Ireland has something for everyone to enjoy.

If restaurants are not your thing, Ireland also has many hotels. Ireland has approximately 823 hotel premises, according to Failte Ireland.

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Larger cities still offer the most job opportunities. For instance, Dublin has both the highest number of hotels and the most Michelin starred restaurants in Ireland. However, resorts are not to be discounted as they also provide great opportunities to up-skill.

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