Chef jobs Dublin

When you’re considering where to look for chef jobs Dublin might be well worth your time. At the moment there are 21 Michelin starred restaurants in Ireland. Out of the 21, 6 are located in Dublin. Furthermore, there are even 2 two-starred restaurants in the capital. One of them being The Greenhouse and the other one is the already known Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud. You can read more about Michelin starred restaurants here. With more than 150 hotels and several hundred restaurants when it comes to chef jobs Dublin is your destination for career growth. Dublin is a fast-moving, busy city. It is loved by its locals and tourists, having a number of incredible attractions. For example, Grafton St, the Guiness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo, Dublin Castle, Phoenix Park and much more. Dublin has a population of 1,228,179, according to World Population Review. That’s a lot of people to be making delicious meals for. The good news is that Dublin has lots of chef jobs.

Chef jobs in Dublin – opportunities

Moreover, the sheer variety of cuisines in Dublin is amazing. You can just as easily find a Vietnamese, Italian, French or Indian restaurant. Often in the same part of the city. From fast paced restaurants to fine dining heaven, come to Dublin and take your pick. This is a city where you can master various different cuisines and cooking techniques. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or trying to find the next jewel to put in your crown Dublin offers plenty for everyone.

Chef jobs are among the most demanding hospitality jobs. The hours are often long and it’s difficult to maintain a work-life balance. This is definitely one of those jobs where you need to have a passion to keep you going. It’s demanding, it’s stressful but in the end, you create something wonderful. And your creation brings happiness to people.

If you are not yet ready to dive into a chef job in Dublin, the city and capital also offers the opportunity to study which will help you to further enhance your skills and knowledge. Dublin is a popular place for abroad students to come and study. With colleges such as Dublin City University, University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin and much more, Dublin truly has you covered.

Dublin Chef Jobs – salary range

Working as a chef can be very rewarding. Primarily because you put a smile on people’s faces by serving them your delicious creations. However, it is also a highly demanding job where you will be working under pressure which can make it a bit stressful. Although, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to working as a chef.

So, let’s take a look at different chef roles and see how the average salaries for chef jobs in Dublin go.

  • Commis chef €10.50 – €12 per hour
  • Chef de Partie €29,786 per year
  • Pastry Chef €12.86 per hour
  • Sous Chef €35,569 per year
  • Head Chef €42,421 per year
  • Executive Head Chef €60 000 – €82 000 per year

Please keep in mind that these numbers are averages for Dublin  Chef Jobs and they can vary significantly depending on the type of property you work in. Also, this list does not account for bonuses. Another important thing to note is that when you’re negotiating a Commis or CDP salary it’s usually based on an hourly rate.

The following companies advertise chef jobs in Dublin on Tourism Recruit:

Whether you’re looking for commis, CDP, Sous or Head Chef Jobs, Dublin has you covered.

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