Chef jobs Cork

When it comes to chef jobs Cork offers a wide variety to choose from. Naturally, it all depends on your preference as not every job is for everyone. You might prefer to work in a busy restaurant with high guest turnover. Perhaps you enjoy more working in a fine dining kitchen of a 5-star hotel. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to work in a Michelin starred restaurant. You can find any of those in Cork and then some. The city is well-known for it’s unique look and good life quality. However, it’s also known for their traditional cuisine and heartfelt hospitality.

Moreover, Cork is the second largest town in Ireland and as such it offers plenty hospitality jobs. It also makes it an ideal place for a young chef to develop his or her skillset in a renowned kitchen. According to Failte Ireland, Cork has over 4.500 hotel beds not counting guesthouses, B&Bs etc. Cork is also connected with over 40 European destinations which ensures tourists throughout the year. However, if you’re not looking for chef jobs in hotels and restaurants, there are more opportunities in the educational sector. To illustrate, one of their biggest third level education institutions is also one of their largest employers. This is of course, referring to the Cork Institute of Technology. Cork also has a lot of festivals and events which opens up a whole new venue in which you can enhance your skills. 

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In short, whether you’re looking for a chef career in hotels, restaurants, catering or something else there’s no shortage of chef jobs in Cork. For chef jobs Cork is great town. However, the competition is big as well. So, if you ever need help deciding where to apply you can always contact a recruitment agency.