Bar jobs aren’t for everyone. Let’s put aside the fact they often include long hours and standing on your feet the entire shift. It also requires a certain type of personality. Bartenders, cocktail masters and sommeliers are open and outgoing people. Just imagine if you came to your favourite pub for a pint and the bartender just looked at you with a sour look on his face. Furthermore, you need to be resilient to work behind a bar. We’re not putting all bars and pubs in the same basket here. But regardless what type of establishment you work in, you are the entertainer, connoisseur and a quite often the psychiatrist. Doing all this and keeping a smile on your face is a mark of true professional.

Of course, it always helps if you have a good team and work in a healthy environment.

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On that note, it’s important to research the property you’re applying to. Nowadays, you can visit specific pages such as Glassdoor and the likes and see employer ratings. However, google reviews and social media sites are also a good way to check employers out.

Bar Jobs – Average Salary & Job Opportunities

Bartenders salary depends on where he’s working and his level of experience. Salary expert states that bartenders with 1-3 years’ experience earn €20,482 while more senior staff earns €29,274. This puts the average around €25,000. If you decide to invest in learning any additional skills such as taking a WSET exam or enrolling in a cocktail class or flair bartending, it’s definitely going to show on your pay check. Likewise, it will open more doors for you int the future. You never know. Step by step and you can eventually become the next bar manager. In the end, it’s up to you to steer your career.

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