Eventhough the number of bars outside Dublin is declining, if you’re looking for bar jobs Cork is going to give you a run for your money. In the past ten years both in Dublin and outside, the number of bars decreased a bit. However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing since the quality didn’t drop. Pubs, bars and restaurants are adapting to the consumers needs and desires. So, there might be less bars but there’s more variety. Drinks Industry Ireland offers in-depth research if you’d like to learn more on the subject. Moreover, various tourism and hospitality bodies have been working on promoting Ireland internationally. This all contributed to a more diverse clientele in bars and pubs. So, what’s the situation with bar jobs Cork offers?

Bar jobs Cork – salaries

As we mentioned in previous articles, salaries for the same job vary across region and depend on both skills and experience. Indeed list average bartender salary in Ireland as €11.66 per hour. Cork salaries are a bit below at €10.68 per hour. However, it’s important to note that Cork entries are significantly lower than for Dublin for example. In other words, there isn’t enough data. A waiter on the other hand earns €10.64 per hour on average in Ireland. Bar Manager earns on average €35,055 per year in Ireland. In Cork that average is €29,687. However, please keep in mind the salary also varies on the type of property. Therefore, it won’t be the same if you’re applying to run a local, easy-going pub or a busy bar in a 5-star restaurant.


Celebrating opportunities

Cork is a lively and interesting city with rich culture and diversity. It’s not surprising to see it keep it up with trends and showing a variety in its bars. You can just as easily find work in a busy sports bar as you would in a quiet, friendly local pub. You can always invest in your education and enroll in a sommelier course or a bar supervisor one. After all, bar manager is only a step away from a Food & Beverage Manager. So, it’s definitely worth investing in the long run.

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